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Battery charger LBC 512-10XTR

27.000 kr. m/ vsk.

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The LBC 500XTR is the waterproof brother of the normal LBC 500S. The existing housing is completely sealed, making the XTR version rainproof, dustproof and shockproof. The LBC 500XTR is IP 66 certified.

Because the LBC 500XTR charger is a further development of the successful LBC 500S, the operation, use and quality level are of course the same. The clear difference between the LBC 500 and the LBC 500XTR is the tightness of the housing. The LBC 500XTR battery charger is designed for the toughest conditions for professional, semi-professional and recreational purposes.

The LBC 500XTR can also be adjusted for all types of lead batteries and even LiFePO4 batteries.

Name Input Output Charging current Dimensions Weight
LBC 512-10XTR 230Vac 12Vdc 10A 20,4×13,3×5,9cm 1.9Kg