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PowerXtreme XS20s Solar MPPT Charger with display

18.500 kr. m/ vsk.

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller PowerXtreme XS20s
The ideal solar controller in conjunction with LiFePO4 batteries and high-quality solar panels

Maximum Power Point Tracking – MPPT Technology

This controller constantly searches for the optimum operating point to feed the maximum power from the solar panels on the roof of your camper or caravan into the grid. This is the ideal way to support self-sufficient camping in the countryside away from campsite infrastructure.

The PowerXtreme XS20s MPPT gets the maximum power out of the solar modules when light and shade are alternating and the power of a solar module is constantly changing. This is not least due to the rotation of the earth, so that the light intensity changes via the respective position of the sun.
The shade and temperature of the solar cell play an important role in the power output. MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking and is the best technique for charging the vehicle’s batteries via solar panels.

Thanks to MPPT, a solar panel is not maximally but optimally loaded by the inverter, which ultimately leads to a better end result. The advantage of a charge controller or inverter with MPPT can be an up to 30 percent higher energy yield.

Depending on the desired capacity, an MPPT controller with a smaller – and thus lighter – solar panel may be sufficient to fully satisfy the desire for independence from external power sources.

The PowerXtreme XS20s is optionally available with display or Bluetooth.

It is also recommended to purchase a temperature sensor for the supply battery to be charged, so that the controller can work optimally.

Technical details:

IP class: IP 32
Weight: 650 grams
Dimensions: 150 x 105.6 x 61.5 mm
Max. Power point range: Battery voltage + 2V to 72V
Rated charging current: 20A
Max. Conversion efficiency: 98
MPPT tracking efficiency: 99%